What are the characteristics of medical protective masks?

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The medical protective masks used for this novel coronavirus infection are mainly N95. In fact, the medical protective masks we are talking about today are mainly aimed at inhalable particles above PM3, which can filter particles with a diameter of more than 3 microns. below for everyone under its characteristics.

Medical protective masks used for this novel coronavirus infection are mainlyN95. In fact, today's medical protective masks for everyone are mainly aimedPM3Above the inhalable particles, that is, can be filtered diameter of more3Micron particles.below for everyone under its characteristics.


Medical protective mask refers to the ability to filter particulate matter in the air, prevent the spread of certain respiratory tract infections, and block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc., and what you need to know when you buy it is that its execution standard code reaches[gb190832010]The medical protective mask can meet the requirements of epidemic prevention. Right.PM2.5The above respirable particles are95%The barrier effect, the protection effect is better. In addition, medical protective masks form a reasonable enclosed space by covering the person's mouth, nose and chin, and force the contaminated air to filter through the person's inhalation. Due to its very good air tightness, the filtering and protection effects are also strong. So now for medical staff who need to be in close contact with patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, they need to wearN95. Moreover, it is mainly processed from one or more fabrics that can isolate virus aerosols, virus-containing liquids, etc. Under the action of respiratory airflow, it still has a barrier effect on virus aerosols, virus liquids, etc. After removal, and its outer surface does not contact with the human body, it can filter particles in the air.

If you have a medical protective mask, you can block water droplets, blood, body fluids, and secretions. The use of medical protective masks includes tightness testing, training, model selection, medical treatment and maintenance. Medical protective masks consist of a mask surface and a tension band. The respirator surface is divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer. The inner layer is ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven fabric, the middle layer is single-layer or multi-layer ultra-fine polypropylene fiber meltblown material layer, and the outer layer is non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material layer. The medical protective mask has strong hydrophobicity and permeability, and has a significant filtering effect on micro-virus aerosol or harmful dust, and its overall filtering effect is good. Filtration efficiency: under the specified conditions, protective equipment will filter particles in the air; its flame retardant properties: protective equipment to prevent itself from being ignited, burning and flame retardant properties; disinfection, so since you want to use it, then you need to know or it uses physical or chemical methods to kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission medium, making it harmless. If there are any questions you don't understand, you can call us at any time for consultation. There are online customer service personnel to receive you, no matter what questions will help you patiently to answer.

In short, you can come here to consult some relevant information about the characteristics of medical protective masks. After reading the content of the article, if you encounter such a thing, you will know where to choose. I hope it can help you.

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