ACFC-100 Cloud-fog Water Sampler

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Product Introduction

ACFC-100 Cloud-fog Water Sampler (hereinafter referred to as sampler) is a sampling equipment used to collect cloud-fog water samples in the atmosphere. It is the first set of cloud-fog water sampling device produced in China. It adds the cloud-fog detection system and intelligent controller on the basis of similar foreign equipment, which realize the automation of sampling process and solve the problem of storage and transmission of meteorological parameters in the sampling process. Its technical indicators basically meet the requirements of unmanned operation in the process of cloud-water sample collection, and have been greatly improved in small portability, stable flow and on-site installation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of sampling. The samplers are made a radical change in terms of material, size and appearance, which greatly improves the collection rate and efficiency of cloud-fog water.

The sampler is mainly composed of tripod, platform, main body, sensor module and intelligent controller. The tripod is connected to the fixed platform which the sensor module, the main body are fixed on. The electrical components such as power module on the main body and the sensor modules are connected to the intelligent controller through cables. The main body of the sampler is shown in Figure 1 below:

Features and Advantages

1)High efficiency, low consumption and new design, suitable for outfield operation all year round;

2)The sampler is stable, light and long service life;

3)The whole frame of the body is made of aluminum alloy, and the sampling parts are made of inert materials;

4)The automatic collection system automatically switches on and off the fan and sample inlet baffle by setting the threshold conditions of meteorological parameters;

5)Meteorological parameter data storage

(temperature, humidity, rainfall, fan motor switching time);

6)The sample collection system is separated from the cloud-fog detection system;

7)Single sample bottle 500ml (high density polymer material).



Application Scope

The cloud-fog water sampler can be applied to the scientific research activities of coastal, high mountain and urban atmospheric observation, as well as the remote aerial survey of meteorological stations, remote automatic meteorological stations, mountains, islands and large ships. It can also be used for routine and emergency monitoring of cloud-fog in the atmosphere by environmental protection department, health department, labor department, safety supervision department, scientific research department, education department and other departments.


Sampling Principle

The whole body of the sampler is a cylindrical cavity. The power device fixed at the end of the chamber forms a negative pressure through rotary movement to suck the cloud-fog from front to back at a certain flow. The cloud-fog water is collected by the cloud-fog capture device and converged into the sampling bottle through the collection tank.

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