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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

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Shandong Aida Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Shandong Aida Medical Products was established in 2013 in Weifang City, China. Aida has established an area of 32000 square meters’ manufacturer center for research, production,test and distribution purposes. Now we have over 200 of employee, 20 sets of Production Lines, and a provincial laboratory.
Aida also implements a high hygiene standard during the manufacturing processes and has built purification workshops and ethylene oxide sterilization workshops to ensure the quality of all the products.
Currently, the company primarily focuses on the production of three mainstream products namely, medical masks, surgical mask and Respirator Protective Mask. Also, we offer both ODM and OEM products.
Main Products
•    3 ply nonwoven surgical masks
•    KN95 Particle Filtering Half Masks
•    EN14683 Type 2/Type 2R Mask
•    EN149 FFP2/FFP3 Mask



In 2020, Aida was listed as a national key guarantee enterprise for epidemic prevention and control, and became a central medical reserve enterprise for emergency relief materials. At the same time, Aida has obtained the CE certification, FDA registration, SGS test report, and has become a white list enterprise of China’s General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Commerce and China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of health care products. 
Aida masks will go out of the country and continue to be sent to Europe, the Middle East, America and other areas, which will play a positive role in fighting against the epidemic in the world.



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